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I studied my bachelor of business management in Iran and then moved to the UK to continue my education. I studied a master (MBA) at Anglia Ruskin University from 2006 till 2007 and a Ph.D. in business management from 2007 till 2011 at the University of Sheffield.

After returning to Iran in 2011, I started to work with Noor Gostaran Azin Aryan(N.G.A.A.) Co., as the Business Manager (importing, exporting, sales & marketing) of

the company. We obtained exclusive distribution of SAFILO group in Iran and also involved in various stages of getting exclusive distribution for J&J contact lenses and Nikon optical lenses in Iran.

Dr. Pouya Beigi suggested his interesting idea of expanding MARI institute to a big organization with different branches in various business fields. I was immediately interested in this creative plan because it had many potentials besides being commercially attractive. I am honored to work with Dr. Beigi on this great and exciting project and I hope with the help of Dr. Beigi as the CEO and founder of MARI and all MARI members, we can create a great successful international multi-task business and increase the fame and credibility of MARI all over the world.

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