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Daisy Li(Jiang Tong).

Daisy (Jiang Tong) Li

Daisy is a senior student coordinator and publishing coordinator at MARI, where Daisy conducts interviews and training of new students, supervise student work, write clinician guides and work with publishing agents. Daisy has contributed to several book projects at MARI including clinician guides on: Lichen Planus, Dermatology-Pharmaceuticals, Dermatology-Rheumatology, Dermatology -Gynecology and Obstetrics , Dermatology-Neurology and Dermatology-Immunology.

Daisy graduated from UBC with a background in microbiology, immunology and psychology. In her past research, Daisy has been involved in projects with UBC Health and Wellness Promotion studying student wellness, BC Children’s Research Institute at the Verchere Lab studying diabetes and Integrated Nanotherapeutics developing anti-inflammatory drugs.

Outside of work, Daisy is a talented baker and musician who enjoys dance, singing and plays various instruments.

Daisy is an ambitious young professional based in South Surrey, Vancouver. To contact please email: daisy960110@gmail.com

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